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Parks Fund Donation

Fall River Valley Community Services District has limited funds for the Parks Department. Parks are funded by tax revenue, donations and grant funds. You may donate to the general Parks Fund, and your generous donation will be used where it is needed most. Here is what we will be doing with the donated funds:


Two Rivers Park is a work in progress! Please read more about what's going on HEREDonated funds will help pay for unexpected maintenance costs that are not covered by grants. The CSD would like to replace the decomposed granite trail surface that leads into the park. At this time, the use agreement with PG&E limits the material that can be used for this part of the trail, but we hope to work something out. The major concern is that the current surface restricts access, making it harder for people to enter the park itself. If you find it limiting, or unappealing in any other way, please contact the office so we can add your concerns to our communications with PG&E.


The Lions Park is run and maintained by the Lions Club. While the Lions cover the basic costs of running the park, there are maintenance and improvements that are needed. The District will be looking for grants to address the improvements needed at the park. Your donation will help fund supplies and labor involved in painting the bathrooms this Summer/Fall.



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