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Fall River Lions Community Park

Thank you to the McConnell Fund of Community Foundation of the North State, Burney Regional Community Fund of the Community Foundation of the North State, and the Burney/Fall River Rotary for awarding the Fall River Valley CSD with generous grants to support the revitalization of the Fall River Lions Community Park. 

                                    We have fully funded this phase of the park revitalization!        

Revitalization Plan:

May contain: grass, plant, bird, and animal
  • Upgrade and replace the existing spring riders, while adding at least one more (MF)
  • New woodchips in the play area (BRCF)
  • Benches next to the play structure (MF)
  • Provide picnic tables in the gazebo (BRCF)
  • Upgrade the lights in the ball field to LED (MF)
  • Complete painting and work on the ball field structures (Burney/FRM Rotary)
  • Paint inside the bathrooms (May/June) (Burney/FRM Rotary)
  • New park sign (Burney/FRM Rotary)
  • New Riding Mower (MF)
  • Chain link fence gaurds (MF)

Future project:

Paint, or otherwise revamp, the bleachers

Needed: New refrigerator for the concession


 Regrettably, the lifespan of the two large willow trees has been surpassed. We are getting bids on the removal of both trees and will be planting replacement trees of a different variety. We hope to apply for money to assist with this project.


If you would like to help maintain or improve the park with a monetary donation, we would very much appreciate the support. It will go to whatever project you allocate or use it for general park needs. The link to donate is on the right side of the page. Join our mailing list to keep up to date on the park improvements and events.

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